What materials are available?

We currently produce items made from the materials as detailed on our materials page.
If you are requiring a large amount of an item made in a material other than detailed on our materials page
please contact us.

Can you Engrave or Cut Metal?

No.  We do not provide a service to engrave or cut Metal items.
Therefore we do not undertake work that involves the Engraving of Trophy’s, Jewellery etc.

Do you offer a Personalisation Service?

Yes.  We can Engrave Company Names and Logos on products we make for you.
We do not offer the service of engraving on individual Customer Supplied Items.
If you have a large number of items requiring customization please contact us.

Do you supply samples?

We do not provide actual samples.
For all customer requests we produce samples based on your customer supplied images,
we photograph them and email you an image of the individual items for approval.
No items are produced until final approval has been received.

Do you have a Stock Range of items?

Yes.  We produce a Large stock range of Craft Embellishments, Laser Cut Craft Items and Stencils available to the Trade.
These in turn can be adapted or personalised for the customer.  Please contact us for details.